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Boot sizes
  • fc2camacho
    Posts: 1Member
    I went to get my boots and before anything he measured my feet. My left fits a 27.5, but my right is slightly over a 28. He put me in a size 27.5 and my toes were hurting after about 5 minutes of wearing them. I asked if it was possible to buy boots in different sizes and was told no. He also said that once I break them in, my right foot will feel better. It was an $800 gamble I was not willing to take. Does anyone know of places that sell boots different sizes? Kinda like a mix and match. Sounds crazy, but I am sure I am not the only person to ever deal with this issue and I don't feel like I should have to feel uncomfortable when skiing.
    Looking for any advice.

  • OnPoint
    Posts: 1Member
    Always try and go with the smaller boot. You can make a boot bigger not smaller. Make sure you have a footbed to help keep your foot in the back then have a qualified boot fitter grind/punch the toe box. Also correct balance and alignment can make a massive difference in how a boot feels in the toe box. If you must ride the bigger size try and go with the boot that fits your instep the tightest to aid in cutting down on movement.