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Universal Skis For Slim Guy
  • DaZzz
    Posts: 4Member
    Hi there.

    I'm looking for a good ski for all kinds of snow but mostly for not a very deep powder like 15-20 cm. Also I like making some low jumps. By the way, before that I tried to ski this guys (but length 180 cm and waist 110 mm) couple of days and I'd found it little bit hard to ski. Also I've never tried rockered skis before, but I really want.

    I'm 134lbs (61 kg) and 5'11" (180 cm) but young (20 years old). Well, also I'm not sure about the length of skis, so please comment length of all skis that I've found.

    In the process of search I've chosen 3 models:

    1) http://freeskier.com/gear/products/armada-tst-ski (183?)
    2) http://freeskier.com/gear/products/blizzard-cochise-skis (177 or 185?)
    3) http://freeskier.com/gear/products/kastle-west-skis (180 seems ok?)

  • D_QuigleyD_Quigley
    Posts: 30Moderator, Freeskier Staff
    Hey @DaZzz - Of those three skis I would go with the Cochise or TST, but considering your build I think the TST is the best choice. The Cochise has two sheets of metal which might be a little much for somebody who is 134lbs. The TST is super light, the five dimensional shape is great all over the mountain and once you go rocker you won't go back.
  • DaZzz
    Posts: 4Member
    @D_Quigley thanks for super fast answer! How about the length of these two?
    Which length is preferable for TST and which for Cochise? I suppose it's better to buy TST 183 but is it possible to buy 174 in my case? And should I buy Cochise 177 instead of 185 if I don't find TSTs of appropriate length?
  • D_QuigleyD_Quigley
    Posts: 30Moderator, Freeskier Staff Accepted Answer
    @DaZzz - You'll probably find the 174 TST a little short and unstable. Go with the 183. The Cochise is tough... the 185 is going to be a big ski for you so maybe the 177. Try to demo them if you can.
  • DaZzz
    Posts: 4Member
    @D_Quigley thank you! I hope I'll find 183 TST. :)