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Surface Skis - Yay or Nay?
  • ChrisChris
    Posts: 18Member
    Hey everyone,

    I've read some interesting things concerning Surface skis that have contradicted my current notions on the skis, and I wanted to see if anyone has first-hand experience.

    As I've been told in the past, Surface skis fills the facet of skiers who aren't concerned with quality, but rather cost. They are - to put simply - the Wal-Mart of skis since their cost drops so quickly. Also, the fact that they're not part of Freeskier's arsenal has kept me away from them. I've recently been seeing a lot of little tidbits of information leaning toward the idea of them actually being good skis, but simply unrealized potential. I took a look at their site for the first time in a long time, and was pleasantly surprised with much it seems like a quality product with pricing more on-par with all of our favorite companies. Can anyone shed some accurate light on this company and their current reputation? My local guys at my shop didn't offer much help since they've never carried them.
  • slcski
    Posts: 1Member Accepted Answer
    Their skis are really legit, they have consistently put in effort to ensure the skis have been progressing in quality with the company. Check them out sometime if your in Salt Lake or give them a call they are a friendly group of people running the company.
  • ChrisChris
    Posts: 18Member
    Awesome man. Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll try the shop up on Breck and see if they'll let me demo them.