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LIT - Next Generation Activity Tracker Optimized for Skiing, Snowboarding, & Other Extreme Sports
  • msuSBC
    Posts: 1Member
    Hey shredders!

    If you ski, snowboard, skateboard, or participate in any other extreme sport, then check out LIT - an activity tracker that monitors things like top speed, g-forces, spins, and distance.

    Michigan State Snowboard Club is helping to promote LIT, a new product by California based start-up NZN Labs, which will roll out later this summer.

    While LIT also monitors everyday activities like running or walking, it's optimized for action. Skiing down a mountain slope or extended air time translates into points, which are wirelessly fed to an app on your smartphone or tablet.

    Follow this link or respond to this thread to learn more and pre-order yours before LIT launches!