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Breckenridge as home base for Extreme Winter Athletes
  • bigeasyphoto
    Posts: 1Member
    Hi I am interested in learning more about Breckenridge as a home base and training center for those involved in any kind of sport that would be in the X Games. I am interested in making a film documentary and if I am not mistaken, it seems like most of the big guys & gals train at Breck. and call Breck. home? Is this accurate? Who are these athletes? Is there a website where I could see who actually trains there? Maybe different sponsors or teams or even just individual athletes' websites. Trying to get names, websites, and any info I can read about online as well as maybe one or two people who are total "insiders" in this world. Thanks. GF
  • scummitcounty
    Posts: 3Member
    Hey man, just saw your post and thought I might be able to help you out. You are right Breck truly is an epicenter for the sport. Many of the videos I see everyday have parts from Breck or Key. As far as the where the pros live, it's hard to say. I know many pros are wanderers that go where the snow is. Many have homes in their hometowns where they spend the summer. I know Bobby Brown has/had a nice place up mount baldy in breck, but thats just cuz he's a local... My advice is this, come to breck, come ride Key in the early season, the pros are here you will meet them if you are respectful and not a doueschbag. As far as insiders, hit up the guys at Slopestyle in breck, great little ski shop that employs some pretty great skiers, they might be able to help you out. Good luck with your video man, I've always thought summit county should be a reality show with all the crazy shit that goes down here.....
  • hanklambohanklambo
    Posts: 26Administrator, Freeskier Staff
    To echo the above point, just about every damn pro in the sport of skiing and snowboarding flock to Summit County in the months of October-December, and split time between Keystone and Breckenridge.