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Interested in Biodegradable Ski/board Wax?
  • ricky007
    Posts: 1Member
    press Release #1
    “Green Ice Wax and GM Consulting introduce Nate Holland endorsed Snowboard wax.
    Company Statement: Green Ice Wax is a race-inspired, environmentally friendly and cost effective accoutrement to any skiing or boarding enthusiast. At Green Ice Wax, we strive to make the best possible waxes through the development and manufacture of environmentally friendly products. Our goal is to produce these waxes without any compromise with respect to performance.
    Quote from GM consulting “I have a strong desire to reduce our carbon footprint on planet earth. On and off the mountain Green Ice Wax will continue to strive for further Eco friendly products, generating fast, easy to use waxes. Come ride with me.” Greg GMan Manning
    ProductLine Review: The concept of safe and environmentally ski and board wax originated twofold.
    1. Most ski/snowboard wax is made from petroleum byproducts. The energy used during manufacturing contributes to our carbon footprint. Most racers have use fluorocarbon wax. There has been controversy over its safety as fluorocarbon can cause respiratory problems, especially if used incorrectly or repeatedly. Also recently the EPA has discovered a microorganism that can break down the large fluorocarbon molecules to small toxic molecules. Thus Green Ice Wax uses a safe fluoro-free additive.
    2. Green Ice Wax offers a 100% biodegradable wax made from renewable resources to help reduce our dependency on petroleum and reduce the carbon footprint. Also since the wax is biodegradable, it will not remain on our mountains forever.

    Nate Holland bio: With seven X Games gold medals, Nate Holland has enough precious metals to pave his driveway by now. Born and raised in Northern Idaho, Holland developed a taste for adventure at a young age that has carried him throughout his career. A snowboardcross specialist, Nate defines the sports chaotic style by going all-out in every race. Holland is focused on the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, his third Olympic appearance; where he plans on bring home an Olympic medal to add to his collection.
    Quote from Nate Holland: "I'm excited to be a part of Green Ice Wax. As an environmentally minded snowboarder, it is a pleasure to introduce a fast, biodegradable, earth friendly wax to the world. I can't wait to raise my board on the podium with Green Ice Wax shimmering on my base, knowing that I didn't leave any toxic residue on the mountain.”
    Company History: BeneCera, the parent company, is in its early years. Green Ice Wax was formulated by a chemist with over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry and father of two competitive ski racers. The wax was designed with safe and environmentally-friendly substances with the health of the user and the environment in mind. After months of formulating and continually testing various compositions, Green Ice Wax developed the perfect balance between fast and safe. Tests included both field tests on mountains across the Northeast, West (Tahoe, Mt Hood and Sun Valley) and South America as well as chemical and physical testing in the laboratory. Green Ice Wax welcomes Nate Holland’s endorsement.
    Contact information:

    Richard Beneduci Rick Beneduci
    Owner/President Co-Founder
    201 658 0271 201 406 8134
    Richard@greenicewax.com rick@greenicewax.com