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Support your local ski shop!
  • brewskibrewski
    Posts: 49Member
    Just wanted to start this post because I've worked at three different shops over the past 7 winters and I am constantly amazed at how people buy the wrong things online. A few quick points:

    1. Buying a ski boot off a website is like doing brain surgery over the phone. Don't do it. The $20 you might save at the end of the season doesn't begin to compare to the amount of money you will have to spend to get it fit right by a professional bootfitter. Also, your feet aren't nearly as big as you think, just cuz you rock a size 13 shoe doesn't mean you need a 31.5 ski boot. In reality, you probably need a 26, and if you bought it at a legit ski shop in the first place you almost certainly wouldn't have that problem or incur extra expense for the fitting. Heat molding your Evo gear Full Tilts will cost $40. Your ski shop Full Tilts will cost $0 to fit.

    2. You know those awesome sales you see online? YOU GET THE SAME PRICE IN A SKI SHOP! Our industry has something called MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Pricing, and that means that everyone has to play by the same rules until Feb. 1. By then all the good stuff is gone anyway. So when Evo, or Backcountry, or anyone else online offers no tax and free shipping, remember that you will pay at least $20 more to have it mounted at a real-live brick and mortar ski shop BECAUSE you bought it online. Also, you will probably get stuck with the wrong size again because they only make the price really good when they only have super short skis left.

    3. Before you make a purchase online you go into a ski shop and pick some poor guy's brains for an hour and leave. That sucks. You waste his time and don't support the shop til you need your 150 cm 2010 Afterbangs mounted, and you probably don't even bring him a sixer for his troubles. Just stop it, it's really not cool.

    That's all, just felt like I needed to say my piece because I'm sick of getting bent over by evo gear just because their sale signs are shinier. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you learned something. Without your support real ski shops will become a thing of the past, and that would be a tragedy.
  • hanklambohanklambo
    Posts: 26Administrator, Freeskier Staff
    Cheers, @Brewski.

  • brewskibrewski
    Posts: 49Member

    Any chance you guys would put that in the magazine? I know evo is a big sponsor of yours, but it's really important to get people back to keeping their core shops alive. We aren't just there for mounts and tunes, we really take care of our people and support from Freeskier would be huge
  • skier_bp
    Posts: 2Member

    Your post above is right on, as a shop employee i see it all the time that some one will come in and ask which ski/boot is the best size for them and then hear something along the lines of "well i'm gonna sleep on it." Later on I see them come in with the equipment they got online. That feeling sucks, especially cause you tell them that even the few dollars they save there typically spending and extra $30-40 more to get it mounted.

    Its always great to see the loyal customers who always are there though, because they know they will be treated well! Keep ski shops alive and support your local shop!!
  • brewskibrewski
    Posts: 49Member

    Amen brother, hope the good folks at Freeskier will help spread the word