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  • nickdubs
    Posts: 3Member
    So I'm in the market for some new boards this year. I like to bounce around all over the place-I get bored easily- and am looking for a ski that can handle steep, deep, or tight and still be reliable in the park. Don't exactly have the funds for 2 skis at the moment. Right now I am stuck between the Volkl Bridges and the Line Blends. After looking around, I think those are the best options for me. Any suggestions on picking between the two?

    Also, I sorta like what I've read about the Rossi Scimitar Open. Could they also be a one ski quiver?

    -Suck at making decisions
  • hanklambohanklambo
    Posts: 26Administrator, Freeskier Staff

    The Bridge earned Editor's Pick status again this year, as the majority of our ski testers really dig that model. It's a great all around ripper. If you like to bounce all around, as you say, the Bridge is considerably more playful than the Blend. Makes for more enjoyable popping off all sorts of bumps, humps, jumps, etc.

    Just my two cents. Our Gear Editor, Damian, is out of the office today, but I'll see if I can get him to chime in over the weekend, too.


  • brewskibrewski
    Posts: 49Member

    Have you looked at the Rocker2 92 from Salomon? It's 92mm in the waist and has symmetric rocker and flex in the tip and tail with a full sidewall construction. Bomber ski that rips everywhere and is great in the park. I was looking for a good all mountain/park ski this year too and after skiing the Rocker2 92 I knew it was the one. Good luck in your search, and make sure you buy whatever you pick at your local ski shop.

  • nickdubs
    Posts: 3Member

    Thanks for the input. I've done some more research and everything I've read about the Bridge and the Blend seems to be in agreement with your two cents. So at this point I think I can say I would choose the Bridge over the Blend. However, I am really liking what I am hearing about the Scimitar and would love to hear from anyone who has their own two cents about that ski.


    As far as the Rocker2 92 goes, I did look at it. Heard some good things about it but heard it had a habit of being a little shaky underfoot at higher speeds and uncomfortable with bigger turns. Probably still an awesome ski and I'm sure you love it but decided to cross it off my list.

  • D_QuigleyD_Quigley
    Posts: 30Moderator, Freeskier Staff

    I agree with @hanklambo that the Bridge will be more playful and poppy around the mountain than the Blend. The Scimitar Open has a similar build to the Bridge, aside from the fact that it's slightly wider underfoot and a touch stiffer. They would both be great all mountain skis but the Bridge will carve up the park and pipe a little better while the Scimitar open will handle the "steep and deep" part a with a little more ease. Both great all mountain skis - just a slight lean in preferred terrain.

  • nickdubs
    Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for help Damian. Just ordered the Scimitars. Looking forward to getting on them as soon as possible.