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Park Skis
  • TKPaine
    Posts: 2Member
    Hi I am 5 11" and 126 lbs I am looking for a park ski which can cope with 30ft jumps and Jibs. I had in mind The Line Afterbangs or Armada THalls and Atomic Punx can anyone help me with suggestions?
  • brewskibrewski
    Posts: 49Member

    Those are all great skis. The Afterbangs will be better on jibs than jumps. The Thalls are full camber so they are super poppy and a lot of fun on jumps. I haven't skied the Punx yet this season but they have always been a really solid park ski in the past. I would suggest demoing them all from your local ski shop and that way you can decide for yourself. Plus, your shop will probably take the cost of the demos out of the price of the ski once you make your choice. Good Luck!
  • TKPaine
    Posts: 2Member
    Thanks alot I appreciate the advice
  • D_QuigleyD_Quigley
    Posts: 30Moderator, Freeskier Staff

    I was on the Atomic Punx the other day - very lively ski. Fully cambered with a symmetrical sidecut so they really shine on jumps and in the pipe. A little bit of rocker would be nice for jibbing but they'll still do well there regardless.