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Digging for your gear sucks!
  • AaronJAaronJ
    Posts: 2Member
    imageHey guys - My name is Aaron and I work for a company called AKKA USA. We are currently trying to create a new product for the Ski industry with the help of Kickstarter. I wanted to share it with you all and get your thoughts. I think it's a really cool concept that will help a ton of us who have run into the problem of losing skis or gear on the mountain. If you could check out our Kickstarter campaign and offer up any feedback you might have, it would help me tremendously. If you happen to dig it and think it would be something you'd like to use in the future, then pledge and/or share with your friends. Thanks for your time.


    AKKA's Kickstarter - http://kck.st/TRjRMp

    AKKA's Website - http://akkausa.com
    AKKA's FB - http://facebook.com/akkaskiretriever
    AKKA's Twitter - http://twitter.com/akkausa
  • brewskibrewski
    Posts: 49Member

    Great idea! Would the device interfere with an avalanche beacon in search mode?
  • AaronJAaronJ
    Posts: 2Member
    We run on a frequency totally independent of those used by beacons.