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Armada JJ/AK JJ
  • phineasforest
    Posts: 3Member
    I'm a bigger guy, 6' 200#. Is the 185 JJ too small for me? I'm afraid the 195 AK JJ will be too stiff/heavy/wide and not maneuverable or playful enough for me in the trees.
  • D_QuigleyD_Quigley
    Posts: 30Moderator, Freeskier Staff
    @phineasforest I don't think you'll have a problem maneuvering the AK JJ but it won't be the best tree ski. As the "AK" insinuates, the 195 is more at home on big open pow lines. It will ski shorter than 195 for sure but all that tip is still out there making it not quite as nimble as the 185 JJ. What do you spend more time skiing? If you want to go fast and shred big open lines with stability, go with the AK. If dodging trees and being generally playful around the mountain is more your thing, the 185 will suit you.
  • phineasforest
    Posts: 3Member
    @D_Quigley thanks for the info! This will be my first rockered ski, so I'm still not completely sure how to size it. I like to ski all over the mountain, usually off-piste but still in-bounds for the most part; so trees, chutes, bowls, the occasional kicker, groomers too. I have a hard-charger ski already, so I'm looking for something a little more playful that will still let me go fast when I want to. Might the Armada Norwalk in 189 be a better choice than the 185 JJ? Or are they so similar it doesn't really matter?
  • fraserfra
    Posts: 2Member
    go for the JJ, really does 4cm make all the difference?? i've had a pair of JJ's for 4 years and i can honestly say these are the best skis ever made. super playful, amazingly stable. buttery tips, wicked in powder, forwards and backwards. you will not be disappointed. i was making the same deliberations when i bought them. i'm so glad i did.... i have mine mounted slightly back of true centre, 4cm i think
  • brewskibrewski
    Posts: 49Member

    The Norwalk would definitely be worth looking at. I love the JJ, but it can be pretty sluggish when you aren't skiing powder and the Norwalk is a lot more powerful and stable thanks to its lack of tail rocker. If you are skiing switch in the pow a lot the JJ is an obvious choice, but if you are skiing more variable conditions and like to ski pretty fast then maybe you should check out the Norwalk. I know this post already says "answered" but I still wanted to point you towards the Norwalk. It sounds like it would be a great ski for you.