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park skis?
  • jibber_ish
    Posts: 2Member

    Im a 14 year old skier at 6 ft and weigh 145. I ski lots of park, but also,do ski some around the mtn. and like to jib off about anything. i am looking at armada halos, alpha 1's or el ray's. which one should i get?
  • brewskibrewski
    Posts: 49Member

    All three of those are great skis. The El Rey is a great price point, but it is full camber and that is somewhat limiting these days. The Alpha 1 and the Halo have the same shape and construction, but the Alpha 1 is a lot stiffer. I would go with the Halo if I were you. At 145 lbs you will have an easier time working the Halo than the Alpha 1, and the tip and tail rocker on the Halo makes it an extremely versatile ski while still a park slayer.

    Hope that helps,