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Improved Labour Market Information and Work Force Training: Technological change requires readjustme
  • spark2pans1
    Posts: 581Member
    These impacts can be mitigated by enhancing the functioning of labour markets as follows:

    * Employment prognosis studies in businesses and in local communities by private and public agencies should estimate how many employees as well as the skills needed.

    * Training programs increase the employability of the unemployed where there is reasonable prospect that they can get jobs as an effect of such training, and where they got the necessary aptitude.

    * Guidance and counselling services in schools and industry should give greater focus to increasing versatility.

    * State legislation and administrative rulings which preclude unemployment benefits to workers engaged in approved training programs should be removed.

    * Obstacles to equal job opportunities arising from race, colour, creed or gender should be removed.

    Working Hours and Leisure: Time Gains in productivity in the American market have in part taken the form of increased leisure. There really has been a steady decline in the work week in the last century, although in recent years the tendency has frequently taken the type of paid holidays and vacations. This trend could be expected to continue particularly industries as productivity increases are used for leisure rather than taken in other types. Consistent and considerable unemployment is likely to generate insistent demands for general reductions in the work week. Indeed some members of the Assembly favour this type of reduction now in selected sectors. To most members of the Assembly, though, a general or widespread reduction in hours is not an appropriate measure to mitigate unemployment, since the state takes an increasing output.

    How leisure time is used will determine whether technological advancement serves ethnic, moral and spiritual values together with material ends. Music, the visual and performing arts and education and community actions are crucial.

    International Facets: The development of the Common Market, Final Report of the Twenty first American Assembly the competition of the communist nations and the awakening of the developing countries all present challenges to the American system. Technology is improving rapidly abroad. To maintain our higher wage levels and living standards and to fulfill our foreign commitments we have to continue to improve our productivity.

    International competition places new constraints on many discussions. Get more on this affiliated encyclopedia by clicking this month. Such constraints function in Western European countries and are likely to be increasingly significant in the United States. In an increasing variety of positions the parties cannot neglect these constraints in their own or the national interest. The discrepancies which will subsequently arise between industries so impacted and other industries present challenging issues for labour markets as well as The Usa has skilled people, unused industrial capacity and also a wealth of technical and managerial expertise which can fruitfully be employed to boost the rate of growth in the developing countries, and in this way not only help to realize abroad significant political and moral aims, but also to raise employment and output in the United States.

    . Be taught more on a partner paper by clicking Accompanying These Changes In Job Content Was A Greater Level Of Interdependence Amon.