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Re-directing web-traffic to a new place
  • prce22burst6
    Posts: 461Member
    The simplest way to protect your links, and have guests end-up o-n their essential page is to setup a direct from the old area to the new one.

    When you have to go a site from one domain to still another, it'll mean that most of the links pointing to your old website would now be lost and would generate the dreaded 404 error when guests came in via old se listing or links.

    The easiest way to preserve your links, and have visitors end up on their required page is to setup a redirect from the old domain to the new one.

    In this case, we are going to think that we use to have a website called OLDSITE.COM and for some reason we have to move everything across to NEWSITE.COM

    The initial up, dont kill the hosting for the old site but leave it operating for some time. This will then allow us to redirect visitors from your old site to the new site.

    30-1 redirect simply shows search engines that visit your site that the old URL has now permanently changed to a different URL. Once the search engines find the 301 redirect they will begin to change all the old links within their catalog across to-the new area.

    This can take time and on-site web sites, this may take weeks to get the search engines change all of the old links across to-the new locations.

    An.htaccess file is only a basic text file that contains directions for your web server that run using that hosting account. Visiting check this out seemingly provides cautions you should tell your mom. Identify supplementary info on a related wiki - Visit this web site: account. In case people require to be taught further on research http://denverladies.com/, there are many databases you can pursue. This thought-provoking http://www.denverladies.com/denver-escorts.php article has several provocative aids for how to recognize it.

    On your computer, start a copy of NOTEPAD (This can be accomplished by going Start-">Accessories-">Notepad) and change your existing.htaccess document or even to produce a new one. Since these plans have the practice of placing funny characters in file that can cause the.htaccess file never to function effectively, dont use Word or some other word processing pc software to open the file.

    If your new sites design is precisely the same as the previous site, then just place the following line in your.htaccess file

    Direct 30-1 http://www.NEWSITE.COM

    Now save your self the file, and FTP this file up in-to your sites primary bill. On most Linux based systems, this is actually the /public_html/ listing

    Now, whenever a guest (be it a human or even a internet search engine robot) comes to your old site, they will be direct to your new site. Therefore if they came buying document called stuff.html (previous URL would be www.oldsite.com/stuff.html) they'd get immediately redirected to www.newsite.com/stuff.html

    Here is the easiest method to move a complete site from one site to a different

    In the event the construction of the new site differs from your old one, then we'll have to guide each old URL to its corresponding new area. This applies if you decide to change the structure of the site, and you want to preserve the links from your own old structure and place them to their new location.

    If you've an URL which was www.oldsite.com/dogtraining/ and you wished to redirect visitors to www.newsite.com/info/dog-training.html you'd place these within your.htaccess file.

    Redirect 301 /dogtraining/ http://www.newsite.com/info/dog-training.html

    The structure is:

    Direct 30-1 old-location new-location

    The old-location could be the road to the location (minus the domain name)

    The new-location may be the full road to final destination (it should are the fully qualified domain name also).

    Which means when every a customer comes in about the old URL (www.oldsite.com/dogtraining/) the web server can redirect them to the new URL of (www.newsite.com/info/dog-training.html)

    If you have multiple areas that you need to redirect, then you've to have multiple redirects put up. With one re-direct per line