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  • herschelearpd4
    Posts: 2Member
    Truth is, this game can be very unpredictable. As much as so many players want to believe that when they win it is all skill, it's not. There is a degree of variance in this game that can't be ignored and can turn anybody's day into an 0-3 nightmare. Just ask Brian.

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    Japan's Kanagawa prefecture and the Guilin area of China share something in common, a link that binds these places together, not only with each other, but with more than one million gamers from across the globe. A link defined not by its commercial success but rather its artistic triumph, an undertaking so epic in scale that the dream was only matched by its outlandish budget, and yet, despite technically being viewed as a colossal failure, there can in truth be no other way to look upon it except in contradictory terms. It has touched the lives of many, defined them as people as much as it would their pastimes and with that it has created the most passionate and fervent community on the planet-I am of course talking about Yu Suzuki's incredible Shenmue.

    In the late 1990's, Yu Suzuki set out to advance video games yet again, Shenmue was originally in development for Sega's brilliant, yet much maligned Saturn console, but focus shifted onto the next generation hardware and the numerous possibilities that it would offer them. Coining the term F.R.E.E. (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment), Suzuki set out to deliver a level of freedom unheard of in video games, a fully realised world of day/night cycles, realistic weather, complex AI and full voice acting for even non-playable characters. A world that would simulate other aspects of reality too, from playing games to working a day job. Shenmue was never going to be something that you played, but rather lived, and in that respect, it was a glorious success.

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    So I'm tinkering with some deck ideas, given that when Gatecrash hits the scene we'll have the rest of the dual lands, and I realized something very interesting that should have hit me a long time ago.

    Five color good stuffs decks are going to be running rampant.

    I'd forgotten how easy it was to slap together 5 color decks when you had 10 dual lands to play with. In fact, I had forgotten how degenerate my Legacy Slivers deck was with almost no cares when it came to dropping a land. And once Gemhide Sliver hit the battlefield, well, it was almost laughable.

    But here were are again. Well, almost. Gatecrash comes out in February with prerelease the last Friday in January. I can almost see our first Friday Night Magic now. Where's a good land hoser when you need one.

    And that's the problem with this block so far. There aren't any. Five color decks have almost no barriers to entry. I don't think Ghost Quarters alone is going to do the trick. I do expect it to see more play than it's been getting, but how effective it'll be, that's anybody's guess.

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  • Robertnum
    Posts: 1Member
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