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Ask a Pro: Send your questions to Tom Wallisch
  • hanklambohanklambo
    Posts: 26Administrator, Freeskier Staff
    We'll be doing a series of "Ask a Pro" stories on freeskier.com going forward, and to get 'er started, Tom Wallisch has agreed to answer your questions.

    Here's how it'll work:

    Those of you who wish to ask a question, login to freeskier.com/forums and post your Q below. We'll collect questions through the end of the week (11:59 p.m. 5/5/13). As soon we we've rounded up a solid collection of your various inquiries, we'll select our favorite 4-5 questions to send to Tom. His answers will be unveiled in the form of an article on freeskier.com.

    Pending things go well with Tom this week, we'll continue the process, inviting a handful of pros and industry notables to partake. Ask away!
  • magnus
    Posts: 2Member
    What convinced you to take the switch to freeskiing?
  • TopherRitzTopherRitz
    Posts: 15Member
    Any tips for a beginner park skier in Virginia?
  • JPfreeski3
    Posts: 1Member
    What was your best trick when you were thirteen?
  • murph784
    Posts: 1Member
    Ever think about coming back home to Pittsburgh area and shredding at Seven Springs or Wisp?
  • Blake_Warmenhoven
    Posts: 1Member
    At what point in time did you start considering yourself as a professional skier or realize that you had become a professional skier?
  • MaryOski
    Posts: 5Member
    Of all your accomplishments in filming and competing, what are you most proud of/ stoked on, and what is on your bucket list of yet to achieve or experience?
  • McFreeskier
    Posts: 1Member
    If he leaned in, would you kiss Gus kenworthy?
  • barrybarry
    Posts: 3Member
    Would you rather be a pro snowboarder or an average skier?
  • Dinger33
    Posts: 1Member
    If you were to give abit of advice on how to progress in skiing, as well as school, and careers what would you say?
  • CSnow5252
    Posts: 1Member
    hey Mr Walisch,
    I'm a beginner park skier but a pretty decent trail skier. Do you have any tips or ways to keep motivation up because nothing is worse than riding down the slope smoothly and then coming to the park and not knowing a thing. Thanks and keep up the good work
  • CaptainGyro
    Posts: 1Member
    Is it possible to keep wax on your skis (other than the tops) and hit the rails and boxes?
  • FreeSkiForLife
    Posts: 1Member
    1. How did you learn to freeski? Did you know someone that taught you?
    2. Do you think it's possible for me to start practising freesking after only skiing once or twice? If no, should I just start with like racing?/ Or other suggestions?
    3. Which trick was the one that you stomped for the first time?
    4. Before hittin the jump, are you always nervous? What do you do to calm yourself?
    5. When did you start to compete? How did you feel when you were signed up for your firts competition?
    6. How did you get signed with all of your sponsors? Did you contact them yourself or did they contact you?
    7. Besides living the dream of being a worldknown profesional freeskier, what else do you want to do/accomplish in your life?
    8. Is it hard to learn new tricks, if you're a beginner?
    9. Who's your rolemodel in freeskiing?
    10. How did you became a member of the FP crew?

  • Justcallmedave
    Posts: 1Member
    How can one human being have that much steeze?
  • FredyFerl
    Posts: 1Member
    What is your favorite edit that you've ever been in? Is there a rail trick that you can't do or have a lot of trouble with?
  • drluk
    Posts: 1Member
    Where is your favorite place in the U.S. to ski (mountain, face, even specific trails)?
  • fluffyevann
    Posts: 1Member
    Tom will you ever come back to PA? or are you embarrassed and dont want to ski our snow anymore? :(
  • SkiAndDestroy
    Posts: 1Member
    Tom will you be busting out some triples in the near future? Also, looking forward to seeing your urban part from Calgary!
  • freeskiii
    Posts: 1Member
    1.Will you create a website in the near future?
    2.Future Spins or Style?
  • MaryOski
    Posts: 5Member
    I have another one.
    How's the season been filming for "The Wallisch Project" with Decker? Have you had successful, productive trips stacking lots of fun footage? Has it been a rewarding experience so far? How has this season compared to filming with multiple production companies? A great adventure I hope. Living the dream, Mahalo style!!:D
  • ChrisChris
    Posts: 18Member
    Throughout your journey from start to now (related to skiing), what is the hardest decision you've had to make?
  • Drew
    Posts: 1Member
    With all of the Olympic regulations, how much has it affected your everyday life, are there things you can no longer do that you used to?
  • paupre
    Posts: 1Member
    Hey Tom, I was wondering when you are coming to Norway next time? And where in Norway are you going to visit? If you do, please visit Bodø, a great city with some nice urban spots.
  • warrick
    Posts: 1Member
    Have you ever tried any summer jibbing ? I mean the astro turf, some kind of rails in the backyard and the like. If you have, has it improved your skills ?
  • JimtheJibber
    Posts: 1Member

    i want to pull a double cork and i was wandering how big of jump i need to do so, because my local ski hill is really small and only builds one 40 foot jump.
  • NicktheLee
    Posts: 1Member
    Do you know Tom Wallisch
  • hanklambohanklambo
    Posts: 26Administrator, Freeskier Staff
    Thanks, everyone, for submitting your questions! We've sent them off to Tom, who will answer some of his favorites. The answers will be posted on freeskier.com later this week.
  • MaryOski
    Posts: 5Member
    Were the answers posted yet?
  • hanklambohanklambo
    Posts: 26Administrator, Freeskier Staff
    @MaryOski, coming soon!