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Ask a Pro: Send your questions to Sammy Carlson
  • hanklambohanklambo
    Posts: 26Administrator, Freeskier Staff
    Next up in the Ask a Pro series: Mr. Sammy Carlson. Have a question about the 2013 Sammy Carlson Invitational? Perhaps you'd like to ask him about winning gold in the inaugural X Games Real Ski Backcountry contest? The sky is the limit.

    Here's how it works:

    Those of you who wish to ask a question, login to freeskier.com/forums and post your Q below. We'll collect questions through the end of next week (11:59 p.m. 6/2/13). After we've rounded up a solid batch of your various inquiries, Sammy will respond to his favorite questions. His answers will be unveiled in the form of an article on freeskier.com.

    Ask away!
  • aceofcake33
    Posts: 1Member
    Obviously to have the level of success you have obtained, you need to dedicate your entire life to skiing. Do you have any off the hill goals you would like to achieve post skiing?
  • TopherRitzTopherRitz
    Posts: 15Member
    What was your breakout moment in freeskiing when you realized you could ski for a living? Any specific event you would consider a breakthrough?
  • MaryOski
    Posts: 5Member
    I consider you to be one of, if not the most well rounded Freeskiers in the business. What do you find more challenging and/or fun, throwing stylee technical tricks in the park, or skiing a treacherous powder run in the back country? Which would you choose if you could only do one. Park or Pow-Pow?
  • jonnylister
    Posts: 1Member
    What inspired you to hold your own comp?
  • Who influenced your style as you were growing up?
  • ChrisTheBist
    Posts: 1Member
    Supposed the awful nightmare of a career ending injury were to happen. How would you cope with the ability to not ski regularly? Monoski? School? Beer?
  • Seanay13
    Posts: 1Member
    What is the scariest thing you have ever landed on skis?
  • barrybarry
    Posts: 3Member
    Would you rather be an average skier or a pro snowboarder?
  • kresge92
    Posts: 1Member
    OVERALL, what state/country/area has the best powder????
  • EllieRasta
    Posts: 1Member
    If you never started skiing what do you think you would be doing right now?
    Also how do you think it would have affect the skiing community if you had never started to ski?
  • Riley98
    Posts: 1Member
    What are your favorite songs/ artists to ski to?
  • Swan
    Posts: 1Member
    When will skiers start doing quads?
  • finn1080
    Posts: 2Member
    The wallride was a really sick feature at your invitational. why did you decide to include one in the invitational and will it become a recurring feature in your invitationals in the future
  • PabloGomezSd1
    Posts: 1Member
    can you do any triple tricks and what kind of music do you like to ski with?
  • stoked5642
    Posts: 1Member
    What did you do for training when you weren't skiing? I've been using a decent trampoline and learned cork 7 rodeo 7 and misty 7 recently.